Florida Eels Premier Team Defeats the Madhatters in Game Two of the Weekend Series

Two Impressive Wins Over the Madhatters 3rd Game Monday Morning

The Eels defeat the Madhatters in game 2 of the 3 game weekend. The Eels picked up where they left off in scoring putting 8 behind the Atlanta Goalies. The Eels were once again red hot with their scoring matching yesterday’s offensive onslaught. Ouch indeed. You could see the fire in the Eels players’ eyes. They had an even more jump in today’s game as they had a night’s rest at the hotel. Keep in mind in game one the Eels had come off the bus and had to play.

The Madhatters did manage to get on the score board. They too were a very determined team and their coaching staff was not going to accept another shutout. They had a solid performance putting 4 behind the Eels Goalie O’Gwen. This was a good Madhatters team. Don’t let  the score fool you. They have some very talented players and they have an excellent coaching staff. They are young and doing it right.. They have an excellent player development model and can compete with anyone in the Division and league. The reality is some times you run up against a hot team and this weekend the Eels were just that. Smoldering.

Monday the two teams go at it once again. they finish the trilogy of games. We are sure the Madhatters are looking to avenge their 2 losses at the hands of the Eels Premier team. The Eels coaches are fully aware it is very difficult to win three straight games against any team. So they will be ready for an Atlanta counter offensive. No doubt this will be another exciting game for the two squads.

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