Florida Eels Looking To Spoil Madhatters Home Opener

Eels Very Excited About Upcoming Weekend
The Florida Eels are looking to spoil the Madhatter’s home openers for their Elite and Premier teams. The Eels have not taken the Madhatter’s for granted. The record between the two clubs thus far is 3-0 Eels Premier and 3-0 Eels Elite team. Both Eels teams top their respective standings. But for the Eels players and coaches that is in the past and irrelevant as far as this weekend series of games. Any team can beat any team in the Florida Division on any given night. Atlanta always plays the Eels tough. On a regular weekend we play two games, and it is very difficult to sweep a two game series, but this weekend, the matches are even more difficult as the two organizations are playing a trilogy of games in each Division. Yes 3 games each, and sweeping a 3-game series is a herculean task.

The Eels do not look at it as a 3-game series, however. They take it one game at a time. One shift, one period, each powerplay, each penalty kill as it comes. We train harder and longer than any team in this league: 4+ hours per day. Our conditioning, both on ice and off ice is well known throughout junior hockey and that is what we bank on. We also take no team for granted. We breakdown each and every element of the opposing squad throughout out prep week and plan accordingly. We also examine and reexamine our own games from previous weeks and see where we can improve and tweak our performances. Moreover, we are very unpredictable. Our plays, systems and pics are very fluent and difficult for other teams to capture.

Our teams are a very tight knit group of guys. They have the appetite and drive to lay everything on the line each time they hit the ice. It is not about them individually. It is about the team. Individual stats are secondary. The players understand those stats don’t win your Division, the playoffs or advance to Nationals. This goal, this mission consequently resonates our play to the highest compete level. That infamous “Next Level” of play College coaches look for in players. We are hell bent on keeping our eyes on the big package. Yet, despite the tremendous demand and high expectations placed on our players, they truly have the best time and most fun. Our culture is engrained in our DNA. We very much look forward to our trip to Atlanta and the games ahead of us. The Eels are looking to spoil the Madhatter’s’ home openers and do what they do best. So, Eels fans if you can make it we love to see you there. Otherwise, the games will be streamed live on HockeyTV

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