Florida Eels hits number 11 in College Commits thus far….Caleb Diesel Commits to the University of Indiana Pennsylvania

Way To Go Caleb We are so proud of you.

Florida Eels hits number 11 in College Commits thus far….Caleb Diesel Commits to the University of Indiana Pennsylvania

ACHA Div. 1 for the Fall of 2015-16


Congratulations go out to Caleb Diesel. He has chosen to go to The IUP Men’s ACHA Div. 1 Hockey team. IUP competes within the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The team is part of the College Hockey Mid-America League (CHMA). We are all so very happy and proud of Caleb. He came to the Eels 2 seasons ago after trying out at the prestigious USPHL Spring and Summer Showcases along with the Pro Am NHL Pre Draft in Boston and then again at the Sr. Chowder Cup in Massachusetts. Caleb impressed us with his speed and desire to compete hard. He was immediately offered a contract and we are glad he did. He was part of two very exciting seasons over the last two years. This has been a banner year for the Eels in College placements as we expect there to be 23 players in all!!!!!!!


Personally he matured extremely well for us as a player. He is a high-energy player that loves to get into the offensive size of the game. He has a high compete level and the will to win. Caleb learned the complete game with us. He was taught the Eels philosophy: To fore-check hard and create turnovers; To back check as hard and with tenacity thus denying opponents the chance to gain offensive chances in the D Zone. He came in last season and impressed the entire coaching staff. He cracked the Elite team line up for the first two months. He moved up and down the latter from Elite to Empire before settling in on the Empire team, which was where he loved to play. Throughout the season he pushed himself and his teammates to be the best they could be. He was a key part of the Empire team. That team was one of the most exciting teams to watch over his two-year tenure.


Caleb canvassed a number of colleges and universities and took painstaking efforts to determine what school was the right fit for him. Like so many of the Eels players he spent countless hours with GM Scarpaci and his coaches reviewing the schools profiles, campus life, academics and hockey. The nice thing is Caleb had options including some NCAA Div. 3 schools. We make darn sure all of our players have at least 4-5 options. The key here is – the right choice is not determined simply by the alphabet: NCAA or ACHA. Our players look to the totality of the program and what is best for that individual. Let there be no mistake ACHA Div. 1 is a very good option.


After visiting UIP, and talking to their coaching staff and school admissions and academic advisors it was clear that Caleb found his new home. UIP


Yes Caleb won’t be wearing the Eels jerseys this fall. He will be sporting the IUP Crimson Hawks. Caleb will be missed at the Eels. He was not a player who simply just showed up for practices and games. No way. He made an incredible impact on many of the youth hockey players where he regular participated in the Eels Squirt and Peewee mentor program. There he volunteered 2-3 nights per week working with developing the skills of so many young little Eels. He gave so much back to the Eels youth programs. This speaks volumes as it speaks to his character. Impeccable. Caleb was also a true family kid. He became so much a part of the billet families in which he lived in: The Demeyers and the Lawrence’s. He was a true brother to their children as they idolized him: Caleb we all wish you the best and we are so excited about you venturing off to the Next Level in your hockey. career.

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