Florida Eels Elite Team Triumph over Jr Blades 11-1 in Friday Night’s Last Remaining Away Game

Elite Team More Hungry and Determined Than Ever

Florida Eels Elite Team Triumph over Jr Blades 11-1 in Friday Night’s Last Remaining Away Game


The Florida Eels Elite team came out on fire last night and all of the players were dialed in. You could see it all week at practice. They had an extra step in their game. They knew this was last double header of games in the regular season away and home vs. the Jr Blades. They knew this was the last away game of the season. More importantly the Jr Blades are their opponent in the 1stround of the playoffs. So, this weekend is a prelude to the games next weekend. But we take these games with caution and prudence. Despite the win last night, we will take sit back on our laurels and expect an easy cake walk. The Jr. Blades coaching staff is too good to assume this.


The Eels won all games so far against the Jr. Blades. In fact, the Eels are undefeated against the Jr. Blades and DME in regular season. Against the Jr. Blades the Eels have won 7 straight games. The Eels scored 51 goals compared to 12 by the Blades. That is a +39 That is over 7 goals per game. That is 1.79 GAA per game. Last night proved no different. The Eels and Blades have one remaining regular game this season and will not lose sight of their mission. That is advancing to Nationals for the big prize.


But the playoffs are first in hand. Sunday’s game is another step towards that. They cannot be complacent be it Sunday or next weekend. Last season these same two squads met and the Eels lost in best out of 3. The Eels were stunned. Coach Sanchez has done a remarkable job this season and has a new system in place and plenty of weapons to effectuate. He has this team playing like the way Eels should. The commitment is there. All of his players have bought in. GM Scarpaci has assembled a great cast of players here with more heart and determination than last season. He sees the fire in their eyes and heart in their souls.


Last night Jake Court had a hat trick in the first period. TJ Zebley scored 7 points and received the winning puck. But that was the tip of the ice burg. Look at the scoring. And our goalie Tom Steere was spectacular when called upon tuning away 27 of 28 shots on the night.



0:57 EEL Jake Court (32) ASST: Hunter Stewart (19), Gage Dill (41)
5:38 EEL Jake Court (33) ASST: Ian Friz (4), Thomas Zebley (13)
13:45 EEL Jake Court (34) ASST: Gage Dill (42), Thomas Zebley (14)
0:15 EEL Hunter Stewart (15) ASST: Cade Swygert (31), Thomas Zebley (15) (PP)
5:34 EEL Cade Swygert (10) ASST: Jake Court (51), Thomas Zebley (16) (PP)
7:30 EEL Mason DeMeyere (7) ASST: Corey Altieri (6), Nicholas Tigges (13)
10:41 EEL Gage Dill (23) ASST: Georgy Samodelkin (14), Jake Court (52) (SH)
15:00 EEL Thomas Zebley (10) ASST: Gage Dill (43), Daniel Merida (4)
15:27 FJB Colton Attisano (13) ASST: Erik Peavey (21), Roland Lopez (5)
18:37 EEL Ryan Boyd (4) ASST: Thomas Zebley (17), Daniel Merida (5)
1:16 EEL Thomas Zebley (11) ASST: Gage Dill (44), Jake Court (53) (PP)
18:58 EEL Nicholas Tigges (6) ASST: Dylan Tschabold (5), Marc-Alexandre Quintal (10)


15:55 EEL Justice Scheltgen, Interference, 2 min
15:55 FJB Ashton King, Slashing, 2 min
19:54 FJB TJ Gerard, Roughing, 2 min
03:57 FJB EJ Halleck, Hooking, 2 min
09:39 EEL Ian Friz, Elbowing, 2 min
16:21 EEL Trevor Voyda, Roughing, 2 min
18:58 EEL Alec Elinoff, Roughing, 2 min
19:40 FJB Ben Wasserburg, Bench -Unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 min
00:34 FJB Erik Peavey, Slashing, 2 min
02:12 EEL Anthony Sozio IV, Slashing, 2 min
09:06 EEL Nicholas Tigges, Slashing, 2 min
16:27 EEL Ian Friz, Roughing, 2 min
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