Florida Eels Elite Allow the Jr Blades To Slip Pass Them 3-1

Our boys were more focused on the holiday then the game.

On Thursday evening the Eels Elite took on the Jr Blades and came up behind the 8 Ball. The Eels out played the Blades nearly 80% of the game. They had possession of the puck 75% of the game. The Eels dominated territorial possession. They doubled the shots on net. But the Eels failed to convert the shots to goals. In fact the Eels failed to convert a single goal despite having two 5 minute major penalty  advantage. That is amazing as the Eels are known for their power play and scoring.

GM Scarpaci said give credit to where credit is due. The Blades goalie stood on his head and staled the Eels offense and the Blades capitalized on cjhances when the Eels were did not.

The Eels coaches and players were not happy with their performance and look forward to Sunday’s home game rematch where they plan to avenge their loss and take 2 points on the weekend before the Thanksgiving break. No excuses but that is exactly where my players heads were at. Going home for the holiday. We will see a resurgence this Sunday at teh Skatium Game time 10:15 am

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