Florida Eels College Prep Agenda

With The Eels College Is Not A Dream We Make It A Reality

 Note The Dean of Sylvan Learning Center will be visiting the Ft Myers Skatium on Monday September 10that 2:34 pm. All players are required to attend this session. They are experts in this field and you should hear their presentation.  

  1. College Hockey Is a process. It takes time determination and patience
  2. All players need to take SAT or ACT (and I recommend both).

Foreign players are strongly urged to take the Tofel test as well. Tofel however is NOT and replacement or substitute for SAT or ACT testing. It is only a supplement or augmentation to reflect and demonstrate your abilities to comprehend the English language and your proficiency to understand English for college level work.

  1. Formal Prep for test:  High school, specialize schools. In person example, Sylvan Learning Centers.
  2. Online prep classes Princeton Review Kaplan etc. Google search
  3. Purchase Study aides Kaplan Princeton and a ½ dozen others
  4. You must spend minimum of 2-3 hours per day studying for SAT ACT. Example,  One Day Math one day Language One day reading. These test have so much info. There are new versions of the test so you cannot take it for granted that you do not need a program of study. You cannot do this alone!!!!!!!
  5. Every week you must take a practice test. No ifs ands or buts
  1. Have your school go on and obtain NCAA Clearinghouse. This is  Mandatory if you are going NCAA Div. 1 Men’s ice hockey
  2. High School and Part time college grades. You Need to obtain a copy of your transcripts whether you graduated or not. When you make formal application to a college you will need an official transcript sent form the college. You cannot personally send it. It must come directly from the college. It must have an official seal. Do not assume the college sent it. 50% or better colleges fail to send it on a timely basis. This can cost you admissions and financial aide. You need to verify they sent it and that the college received it.
  3. Target schools look at multiple schools  these man s for academics, right  fit Hockey wise.  You should identify 10 colleges 3-4 wish list 3-4 medium and 2 sure things. Then the Eels coaches will augment this list by 5+ The Eels GM will add an additional ½ dozen. This means we will start with approximately 20 colleges.
  4. Review the extensive materials provided in this meeting
  5. Players need to send a preliminary letter to admissions department copy the college coaches. Then send a letter of interest see forms being supplied.
  6. Start making videos and upload to YouTube. No waiting. See Hayden Haldane. He has experience making these.
  7. Bi-weekly meetings with Eels GM
  8. Write a personalize essay for colleges
  9. Review college scholarship hand books
  10. Carefully review all team app Fast web scholarship
  11. Review of info provided
  12. Obtain email addresses of each college coach you wish to target
  13. Write formal letter to college coaches. CC with an email. But they cannot delete a letter you send them
  14. Send follow up email with videos attached
  15. Write to ach coach before showcases. Send a post showcase email


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