Florida Eels A Decade of Dominance

A Winning Culture For Over 10 Years. 330+ Players to College

The Florida Eels for over a decade are synonymous with absolute dominance. Florida Eels are not only dominant in the USPHL but all of Junior Hockey. For over a decade Florida Eels teams have won Divisional titles, won Playoffs and advanced to Nationals. In fact, for the past five years the Florida Eels Premier have won its division, for five years they have advanced to playoffs, and for five years straight we have advanced forward to Nationals. The Elite team has won its Divisional title for the past two years, and for the past four out of five years have advanced to Nationals. We have all watched as hundreds of our players have earned and have been awarded Players of the Week, Players of the Month, and Year End Allstars. However, this is not the measure of a Florida Eels.


These successes alone are not what measure our greatness. It is the success of our players, our Eels family, that measure our magnitude. It is watching 330 past Eels players advance forward in their goals of playing college hockey. It is 330 players gaining thousands of dollars in scholarships to help them attend these schools, in hopes of developing their future careers. It is the undeniable mark that is branded within an Eel forever.

Once you have become a Florida Eel, that culture, that family is something that in ingrained in you forever. Players of years past, continue to show up to games, and support players of Eels present. Watching these former players return, hearing about their careers, and meeting their families is a beautiful gift. The Eels have surely had a significant impact on the lives of these young men now fathers, husbands, and career men, and we are grateful and honored to have had them as be a part of our teams, our lives, and of course our family.

Join us March 11th -13th as the Florida Eels Premier and Elite compete in the Florida Divisional Playoffs to further the quest to the USPHL Nationals. Can’t join us in person, be sure to tune in live on @myhockeytv

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