Elite Team Does Extremely Well in Atlanta 4 game series

Eels go 2 -2 Maintain 1st place

The Florida Eels Elite team goes 2-2 for the 4 game series in Atlanta . This was a herculean performance by both teams. Very taxing when ever you play 4 games in 3 days. Equally tough when they are 4 regulation games 3 20 minute games. The Eels Elite team also had a number of call ups to the Premier team so it was an extra burden on the squad that was already nursing some injuries and battling the flu.
But quitting or making excuses is not to be heard. Not even a whisper.
The Boys came out hard and left everything on the ice. They lost one game 5-3 to come back to win the next 5-3 They lost the 3rd game 4-2 to rebound with a solid win 4-2. This weekend showed character and heart by the Elite team. Incredible intestinal fortitude. Such determination And remember they had to travel 11 hours and over come these inequities.
As GM I am very proud of this young squad. There were 2 wins and 2 losses but it was a huge win for the Eels regardless of the points garnered in these games.

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