Eels Tryouts Huge Success

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The Florida Eels Junior Tryouts A Complete Success


This past weekend the Eels had their final   tryout in Florida Tryouts with 39 players. In May the Eels had hosted 4 showcase tryouts up New England with 80 players. In July the Eels will have 5 more showcase teams of 20 players on each team boasting another 100 prospects competing for spots on the Eels Elite and Empire teams in the Fall 2016.


The Eels GM and Coaches have combed over 8 showcases across the USA scouting over 3,000 prospects.  These trips have taken us to Pittsburgh PA, Chicago twice, Detroit, Lavonia, Walpole Mass, Marlboro MA, Denver CO, Palm Beach FL, and Madison WI We will be going to 3 more before the season starts.


That will be over 220 actual tryout prospects this spring and summer looking to gain entrance into the Eels program. These players are being attracted to the Eels program because of its track record. Yes we are amongst the top teams in each of our division –Elite and Empire. Our players have occupied many of the weekly all-star spots and year-end all-star teams. Where as do you train 3 hours a day? Where else do you attend 4 league showcases and playoffs?


The fruits of these efforts is our college placements. This year we are at 20+. To date we are at 165 for the program. To date we have 4 NHL alumni drafted into the NHL. To date we have 2 alumni who went on to the NTPD.


Today the Junior prospects are astute and ask questions. They are doing their due diligence and garnering the information and knowledge to make an informed prudent and knowledgeable selection of which junior team they want their son to go to.


It is clear, arrows are pointed to the Florida Eels as their choice.

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