Eels Travel to Tampa to take on the Tampa Juniors

The Florida Eels Elite and Premier teams head to Tampa to take on the Tampa Juniors. Thus far this season the two organizations met only once this past weekend where both Eels teams defeated the Tampa Juniors and went on to win the Florida Cup in both the Elite and Premier Divisions.

Today the Elite team squares off at 5:30 pm and the Premier teams do battle at 8:00 pm

Both Eels teams are in first place in each of their Divisions.

In the Premier Division the Eels are ranked 5th in the entire league with a record of 8-0-1 for 17 points. Tampa is in 2nd place with a record of 6-5-1 for 13 points. Tampa has played in 13 games compared to the Eels who have only played in 9 games. These are key games as the weekend is a 4 point contest and those 4 points will either significantly close the gap for Tampa or push Tampa further down the standings and with 4 games more than the Eels you can bet Tampa will be playing a bit in desperation mode.

On the Elite side the Eels sit on top with a record of 8-1 for 16 points. However, Tampa is right on the Eels’ heals with a record of 7-4-1 for 15 points. So this is a key weekend for both teams. Keep in mind that Tampa has played 4 more games than the Eels but for purposes of this weekend, such data is irrelevant. If you’re the Eels you want to win. If you’re the Tampa juniors you must win if you want to maintain the top spot. The Madhatters are in 3rd but only have 8 Points.

Then on Sunday team comes to the Fort Myers  Skatium to complete this weekends   home and away series. The Elite team will start Sunday at 11:00am whereas the Premier contest starts at 1:00 pm

Thus, the games this weekend are very important for the teams down the line.

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