Eels Take On Beach Volleyball

The Florida Eels who are known for their development of its players have taken its training to another height and that is volleyball. The Eels training includes upwards of 3+ hours a day, ice off-ice, gym, core skills, shooting 100 -150 pucks per day. We believe and this is shared by the USA National team, USHL NCAA Div. 1 programs and many NHL teams that you have to include multiple levels of cross training including volleyball. Think the upper body movements, the power jumps, quick hands and feet….Most of all it is fun, creates and enhances team bonding while having the continuum of competition.


The boys had a blast. They enjoyed the variation the levity and games. We believe these extracurricular activities which are not so extracurricular will have an impact on the boys in the remainder of the games and playoffs before us.

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