Eels Premier Team Unleash 7 Goals To Take Down Cross Town Rivals the Jr Blades

The Eels Premier team continues its winning ways : making  it 6 in a row as they unleash their high octane scoring in their midweek game against the Jr Blades. They are quite impressive in their offensive attack cross the entire state of Florida, as they brought down Tampa twice with 9 goals, the Palm Beach Typhoon with 10 and now the Jr Blades with 7 yesterday and a 6-0 shutout a few weeks ago. Make no mistake, this Blades team, as with the Tampa Juniors and the Typhoon are all solid clubs. But the Eels simply suffocate their attack and smothers their efforts. The Eels Premier team is at another level. And they believe in themselves. When you combine skill and confidence it makes for a winning formula

What is most impressive is they are not sacrificing defense for offense. Yesterday they turned away all but one goal, and they are averaging 2 against per game. Their overall play is nothing short of phenomenal. Their decision making spot on, their passing crisp and keenly accurate, their shots lethal. So many weapons regardless of the opponents.

They can play any style, be-it battling along the wall, in the trenches in front of the crease or a high flying aerial attack. These boys have bought in and are a mission. No doubt they are looking forward to the showcase games ahead of us this weekend. Games against our sister teams in the Southeast have always been extremely competitive and lively. The boys are looking forward to it

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