Eels Premier Team Stones Palm Beach with a 8-0 Shutout

The Eels Premier team delivered a crushing blow to the Palm Beach Typhoon. A hammering 8-0 loss. Ouch. The Eels were not healthy. Many guys were out with the flu and it was not your typical hi octane flying offense. No it was game that was tight on the Eels part,. Strict structure. The goal was to take opportunities given to us. To force turn overs and puck retrieval. And the plan was extremely well executed.

The Typhoon needed this win as it would have piloted them up in the standings. But rather the loss left everything stagnant. The Jr Blades remain on the Typhoon heels. There is a dog fight between 2-5th place teams and it is so up in the air for those 4 teams it has to be unnerving.

In any event, the Eels climbed to 20 points ahead of the Madhatters who are in 2nd place. But the Madhatters have Tampa on their heals with 45 points.

So buckle up for the ride.

On an interesting note, just look at the Eels players stats. But be careful. Be very cautious clicking that button. As the milestones are RED HOT. Our guys are tearing it up and in one of the toughest divisions in the USPHL Indeed, this is one of the toughest Divisions to score in. Have fun and enjoy

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