Eels Elite Team Unearths the Infantry

The Eels win 12-1 over the Infantry. The score says it all: 12-1

Tonight things were clearly different. You could see it in the players’ faces as they entered Hertz Arena. In fact, the Eels took advantage of its late night game by doing a short practice today where they got the r legs going, got some shots at net and just picked up a quick skate. NHL style.

But the commitment went much deeper. The Eels Elite took its training this past week into another gear. The players knew they would be showcased and they wanted to be at their very best. Every player wanted more. To be tested and challenged. To shoot not just 100 pucks per day but over 150 per day. Running “Fenways” were relished and not cringed. We saw a much fast and more explosive skating style. Well we all asked, was it worth it? Well winning by a margin of 12-1 says it all.

Well, it would all mean for not if the boys did not execute and that is what they did. Although we do not expect the boys to win each game by double digits, when you watch the game at hand, you almost expect it to be. You could see the game plan unfold. What was even more impressive here was the intangibles not seen on the scoreboard. The Eels dominated territorial possession and puck possession. 75% of the game was in the O-Zone. The Eels fore-check was completely suffocating. When Columbia did gain possession and came at the Eels net-minder, the Eels players smothered them with its relentless back-checking. Indeed, everyone bought in. It was a team commitment here and that unwavering will to win was painted all over the ice in every shift .

The fore-check and offense was a bit unique. No doubt Columbia was confused and became a bit unraveled. And just when they thought they figured things out Coach Scarpaci changed his system and a few more goals were triggered.

The boys left the game very pumped and savored the win. But the success has to be short lived as the Eels have just 8 hours from being undressed and back to their 2nd game.The Eels Face-Off against the Potomac Patriots at 9:00 am back at the Fort Myers Skatium

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