Difference Makers on the Elite team

Florida Eels Elite Team Players to Watch:  No not the big guns scorers  but the guys whose play turns the tide in games and secures the win. These are the difference makers:

  • Alexander ClIngerman 15 goals and 9 assists on track for a 30 point season.
  • Neil Campbell Power forward/defensemen 8 goals 19 assists on track to a 30+ season
  • Al Evanyk Top offensive/defensive defensemen Key goals smart D Man
  • Mathieu Rioux 10 loud goals 14 assists on track to a 30 point season A true clutch player Big goals when needed
  • Carl Ingalls 7 goals 9 assists One of the hardest working players on the squad. He plays special teams and plays a high tempo game while suffocating opposing players
  • Jake Dominique 7 goals and 10 assists on track for a 20+ point season
  • Riley Smyth 11 goals and 5 assists on track to a 20 point season
  • Julian Gagnon his point production is turning on of late but his true value is his fore-checking and back check denting opposing teams the puck  and smothering them
  • Rick Hughes One of the top defensemen in the league with only 18 games he has 10 points
  • Tyler Gay Cagey veteran spark plus drives hard outstanding fore-check and back cheer
  • Mark Phillips Huge potential in 6 games he has 3 goals and 6 helpers
  • Noah Trathen Huge upside in 6 games he has 4 goals and 1 assists
  • Ben Allen one of the team’s best defensive player. Top PK and solid defensive defensemen
  • Neil Campbell Big towering defensemen whose punishes opposing players with his physical play
  • OlIvIer Dulac Solid goaltender brings depth to team A winner
  • Michael Corbett Smart defensemen Eels future
  • JJ Diaz Heart and should of team Great team player forechecks hard
  • Ali Yatim Hard nose defensive forward Spark plus
  • Jackson Carnes Pound for pound a tough guy who lays everything on the ice. Outstanding forecheck
  • Anderson LIbby Plays with tremendous speed leaves everything on ice Battles very hard Great team guy
  • Alexander Edskar Recently joined and has become a major factor on defense
  • Cole Grant Another newly acquired defensemen very smart and consistent
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