Congrats To The Florida Eels Players Who Were Selected to the USPHL Hub City All Star Teams

USPHL Premier Hub City All-Stars

Team National (Red)


Demeed Podrezov, Florida Eels (‘00)

Gage Dill, Florida Eels (‘01)

T.J. Zebley, Florida Eels (‘00)

Tristan Roost, Florida Eels (‘00)

Stanley Lucas, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Aaron Frenkel, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Connor Reed, Tampa Bay Juniors (00)

Cameron Croteau, Florida Jr. Blades (‘01)

Jason Tynan, New York Aviators (‘00)

Ross Jaldung, New York Aviators (‘01)

Jay Finan, Jersey Hitmen (‘01)

Zachary Ostrowski, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (‘01)

Vladislav Suhhodolov, San Diego Sabers (‘03)


Cade Swygert, Florida Eels (‘00)

Lazarus Kaebel, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘01)

Jack Anderson, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Kyle Lindholm, Florida Jr. Blades (‘00)

Nathan Albrecht, New York Aviators (‘00)

Johnny LaMacchia, Jersey Hitmen (‘00)


Alexandre Caron, Florida Eels (‘01)

Cade Kujawski, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Michael Marino, New York Aviators (‘02)

USPHL Elite Hub City All-Stars

Team American (White)


Anthony Zebley, Florida Eels (‘04)

Kaleb Harrop, Florida Eels (‘01)

Matthew Clift, Florida Eels (‘01)

Mathieu Rioux, Florida Eels (‘02)

Landen Engles, Florida Eels (‘03)

Ryan Bahula, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Adam Custable, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Jack Fleer, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Tim Ruf, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Rory Neish, Florida Jr. Blades (‘02)

Derrick Hambling, Florida Jr. Blades (‘03)

Alex Broadhead, Florida Jr. Blades (‘03)


Filip Kuba, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘04)

Nash Cobbs, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Vincent Cartier, Florida Eels (‘03)

Ryan Chambre, Florida Eels (‘03)

Jeremy Pizzola, Florida Jr. Blades (‘04)

Matthew Walters, Florida Jr. Blades (‘02)


Jacob Mork, Florida Eels (‘02)

Evan Spinella, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03

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