Come Join us this Weekend for the Eels Home Opener Florida Eels vs the Atlanta Madhatters

Well the Eels open their season this week with a huge 6 game series vs the Maddhatters. Three games for the Premier and 3 for the Elite teams. Saturday Sunday and a rare Monday pair of games. The Eels over the past several seasons have dominated the Hatters in the regular season and in playoffs. But that was then….. In junior hockey 50% of the rosters change every year. For the Eels that is once again true. The Eels recruit globally, and our rosters have always reflect an international flair to it. Take a look at our rosters and once again you will see so many new and returning players. That is the great thing about playing for the Eels is that our guys are truly from across the Globe. Slovakia Sweden Austria Latvia Russia the many Provinces of Canada be it Quebec Ontario British Columbia Edmonton Calgary Vancouver and across the USA.


We don’t know what Atlanta brings to the table yet. We see they have been active and we are so much looking forward for the games to begin. One thing you can count on is that both teams bring their A game. Both are very excited and looking to show case their players. These two programs are very proud and wont disappoint their fans. In the past the rivalry has been  great. The two programs have had had some very spirited games and we expect the same this year as well.  The Eels are taking these games very seriously and not sitting on any past accomplishments.


One thing for sure we don’t concern ourselves with what is out of our control We can only worry about what we can control.  What we have done is exactly what we have done year in and year out over the last decade. Training camp for 4 weeks. Daily training for 5-6 hours each day 7 days per week over this period. ½ dozen scrimmages during this time period. A commitment by the boys to the 3 D’s

Determination, dedication, and discipline. This has been the Eels’ hallmark year in and year out. We still are learning our boys and our players are learning our systems. This is akin to building a major commercial building. The architecture is the recruiting process. Now we are in the construction phase. Sure, every player is a key element and piece of the mosaic. But unlike inanimate objects we are dealing with young men. All who we treat different, and development takes time depending on the player.  But this is what our Eels coaches do so well/. This is not hype the proof has been evident every year for well over a decade.


This weekend is important for us. Every game every weekend for that matter is important for us. But we do not put too much stock in this weekend as being dispositive. No! We will adjust and work out the kinks. This is part of the process. Our coaches will continue to analyze and readjust as will our players on both teams., In fact right after the 3 game series our teams must get ready for their 1st showcase in Norfolk VA. Yes, 7 games in such a short period of time. WE do feel confident in our program and preach to the boys “trust the process, “ It is a long season. It is not a sprint so to speak it truly is a marathon.


On Saturday the Premier team squares off first with drop of puck at 3:20 pm. Then the Elite team plays at 9:20 pm On Sunday the Elite team kicks it off at 9:00 am with the Premier again at 12:00 pm The teams Face-off again Monday morning Elite square off Well, 9:00 am sharp and Premier at noon.


Come join us live or on HockeyTV

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