College Opportunities and Commitments

College Opportunities and Commitments


Guys over the next 8-12 weeks you will be hearing and seeing quite a few of our players securing college commitments. Indeed, just today we were excited to announce 2ndyear Eels veteran Hayden Haldane committed to NCAA Division III New England College. This is very exciting for Hayden and his family. New England College hockey program is one of the top programs in NCAA Division 3 hockey in the Northeast. What an incredible year they are having defeating some of the top programs in the USA including Nationally ranked Norwich University, the University of Massachusetts Boston and other top colleges such as Skidmore College and Fitchburg State University.


Indeed, aside from our top training, the key reason why players from across the USA, Canada Europe and Australia gravitate here is for them to realize their dreams and goals of playing college hockey. The Florida Eels are the one of the top programs of advancing players like you and your son to college. In fact, to date, we advanced 231 of our alumni to college. That places us at the pinnacle of college placement.


Moreover, our alumni average $20,000 – $25,000 in scholarships and grants and other financial aide incentives per year. That is on average $90,000 to $100,000 over the course of college. We generally graduate 10+ players per year. Some years as high as 15. Think of those numbers. Anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 per year. This has exceeded millions of dollars for our alumni. I submit no other program works as hard as we do in developing our players to be able to play college hockey and then aggressively assisting them to garner a minimum of 5-7 college options with a solid financial package.


This is why you come here. There is no doubt we turn HOPE into reality. We make dreams come through. Your boys have seen it and will see more to come. Many of the players here have experienced the excitement and euphoria of these experiences being part of this great program. For those who joined us this season, and who are new to this experience, we encourage you to stop by and talk to me My office is always open. I will be glad to schedule an appointment as well. For parents who have questions, please feel free to call or email him. But please realize that college spots are not easy to obtain. There are far more players than available spots. Obtaining and securing these positions takes time and patience. It requires players to have reached the proficiency of college level hockey. It requires studying for SAT ACT standardize test, Tofel test and securing good grades and in some cases taking some college level classes. It also requires the exposure at in season and post season exposure to college coaches, marketing the player, creating videos and disseminating them to coaches. It is a process and we specialize in this process.


We look forward to working with all of our players and parents and garnering college commitments, scholarships and grants for you as well. In the next few weeks our regular season comes to an end and the playoffs start. Trust me, just as I as General Manager   invite college coaches to watch regular season games, there will be even greater attention by college scouts to     watch and scout  the playoff games. So, players this is critical for you to prepare and be at your all-time high. You should be more focused and determined than ever.

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