Check Out The Article Appearing In The USA Junior Hockey Magazine: For Over A Decade, Both Eels Teams Advance To The Playoffs

For Over A Decade, Both Eels Teams Advance To The Playoffs

For Over A Decade, Both Eels Teams Advance To The Playoffs

By USAJHM Staff, 02/25/20, 2:15PM EST


It is indeed impressive when you have an organization make the playoffs for over a decade.

When it is not just one team, but two, advancing to the playoffs each year for over 10 years, it spells consistency.

When those teams systematically also advance to Nationals, now that is impressive.

“It isn’t easy to reach this plateau. To the contrary, it requires enormous determination and hard work and many hours on behalf of the hockey operations: the General Manager, his Premier and Elite coaches and staff to go out and recruit,” said Eels GM Frank Scarpaci. “It is not just a matter of attending postseason showcases and scouting and signing players. That is the easy part, albeit expensive. Anyone can scout. The key is ‘recruitment.’

“For the Eels, that involves scouting, yes, but equally important doing due diligence on a player,” Scarpaci added. “Does he have the skill set? Does he have the character to play in your organization? Does he fit into the Eels work ethic culture? How would he fit in with the existing players? What type of commitment does this individual have? How has he shown it before?”

After recruitment, the next step is player development. That is one of the hallmarks of the Florida Eels program.

The program includes over three hours per day of training five days per week; 8-10 scrimmages in addition to regular season games and three days per week of video and analytics. The Eels program requires fitness training five days per week.

“These endeavors all require a dedicated coaching staff that places the interest of development over a win. In the end, we know with our formula the wins will come. We are looking for long-term results not short-term gains. And they have,” Scarpaci said. “The proof is well over a decade of playoff appearances and a plethora of National appearances for our teams.”

The USPHL Premier Eels have led the Florida Division wire to wire, and they have been in the top five of the entire league throughout the season. Additionally, the USPHL Elite team has led all season, and has been between first and seventh all season.

“This year, once again, the Eels will be advancing another host of players to college. Again, this does not happen simply because they are there,” Scarpaci added. “It is a full concerted effort as well as a partnership between the organization and the players. It is a commitment to the advancement of our players.”

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