Unleash the Hockey Beast: Introducing Our New Elite and Premier Locker Rooms

We are so proud of our new locker rooms for our Elite and Premier junior hockey teams! After years of anticipation, the wait is finally over. These state-of-the-art facilities are a dream come true for our players and staff. As soon as you step foot into these new locker rooms, you can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. The sleek design, the spacious layout, and the top-notch amenities are all a testament to our commitment to providing the best environment for our teams.

Our new locker rooms embody everything we stand for – hard work, camaraderie, and teamwork. We believe that these elements are crucial for success both on and off the ice. We always work to create an atmosphere where our players can thrive and excel.

As we embark on our twentieth season, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this milestone! We envision countless victories being celebrated within these walls, as well as the valuable lessons learned from intense competition and teamwork — and we can’t wait to see our teams thrive in this exciting new chapter of our organization’s history.

The Florida Eels Junior Hockey Club hosted its Annual Player and Parent Orientation

This past Sunday the Eels had its annual player and parent orientation. Over 50 players and as many as 145 parents and siblings joined us on Sunday at the Fort Myers Skatium. This year once again the Eels players come from truly across the Globe, including Europe, Israel, China, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and across the USA.

Players got to meet our coaches, broadcast staff, social media group, management staff, and rink personnel. Players were introduced to the Eel’s brand new state of the art locker-room,  our new website, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Players were also introduced to their billet families and facilitated their move-in with their host families. Very exciting.

Training camp started this Monday for players. The players will have 4-5 hours per day of intense training, including 45 minutes of workout in the gym, 45 minutes of agility, core, and explosive speed, 45 minutes of video training, 90 minutes of ice, and 45 minutes of shooting drills. At each session, the Eels will have an unprecedented 5 coaches present working with the players.

The Eels have scheduled 3 weeks –  21 days – of training camp before it kicks off their regular season schedule. During this period we will have a plethora of team-building exercises,  player interviews with our social media staff, and initial college prep work for each player.

The Season is in motion…..

Frank Scarpaci

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