Eels Elite Looking For Spark From A Broad Base of Players

The Florida Eels Elite team is looking for a huge Break Out weekend by some players.  In order for the team to reach its optimum potential we need  all of our guys  to perform. Not just a select few; we need them to set up and showcase their talents and this is the perfect weekend to start. It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and a pivotable juncture in the season. When we come back from the Thanksgiving break, we hit the games hard with 2 vs the Tampa Juniors home and away, 3 away games in Atlanta and the 4 game USPHL Showcase just before the Christmas break. That is 7 games set in December. Very exciting as there will be a plethora of college scouts at the Showcase and on Hockey TV  for the other 5 games for the pre showcase games garnering a snapshot and preview of the USPHL Christmas Showcase.


Challenges have been issued: Today we are looking for strong efforts from  20 year old veteran forward Pablo Palos from Texas. Pablo was hot earlier in the season who scored 4 goals and notched one assists. At 6’2 210 lbs. he offers size and power and has so much upside. We are looking for him to rekindle his offensive game and help pilot his team to a series of wins against the Blades and in December.  He has the scoring ability. We know that. It is time to put the puck in the net. Another key veteran that we expect to jump start his game is Nick Vasquez. He is a 3-year veteran of juniors and plays with a lot of physicality and spirit. He is very aggressive, and we are looking for him to channel those energies to score. We know he has the will to win. He needs to help put the team on the scoreboard.


In keeping with size we have 6’3” 200 lbs. rookie forward  Nathan Hedrick who has scored 2 goals and notched 1 helper. Nate can be a very towering forward and has very good skill set. We are looking for his fluent game to come on strong against the cross-town rivals. Once he finds his game, he will be a force to reckon with. The Eels are very high on him. This kid has a great attitude. A few goals from him will unleash the confidence he needs to become a power forward who can score. Next we are looking for 2nd year veteran Ciro Calvanese to continue with his scoring. He scored his first Eels goal in Atlanta and it was no surprise to GM Scarpaci or any of the coaching staff. He has incredible speed and acceleration. Last season he had more break always.  He simply needs to finish. Now that the ice has cracked so to speak, we feel this will be a regular occurrence. He is one of the most dedicated players on the team and we are all cheering for his success. We know he will do anything to help his team win. He now as added another element to his game. His  forechecking and physical  play. .That should help trigger offense.


Continuing with our Veterans is Peter Haas who came over from the Premier team. Haas no doubt will rise to the upper echelon on this team. He has a high hockey IQ very good skill set and a strong leader. He is a 3-year veteran of juniors and we are counting on him to get the team going. He is very strong in all 3 zones. I predict he will score this weekend.


On the rookie side  are  Trevor Bass and William Heikkila This is their  time to step up and show the coaches what they have. It is wide open. It does not matter if you are a rookie or 3-year veteran. We need players to expend every ounce of determination, spend all their  energies on every shift, forecheck with abandonment, relentlessly back check and drive to the net with thirst and hunger…. That is what we need from them.  They need to take their game to the next level. That extra shot. Make that clear pass. That effective hit. Take that  block shot. We are looking for some of the above forwards to bring secondary scoring that the team needs. Who will be that guy? Well it is as much an opportunity for any    of the guys listed above


On the Defense side, we have a number of guys who we need a great series  from:  2nd year veteran Steve Huitt , 3rd year veteran Payton Donica , Rookie Neil Campbell , 2nd year veteran JJ Peters and swing forward/defensemen and 2nd year veteran Zach Simbro. Simply stated we need more. Much more and it is their time that is why they are here to become impact players and get the experience to advance to the Next Level be it Premier and or college.


From our goalies, simple message. Stop the puck. Weather any storm. Be mentally tough.


We do believe the message was delivered this week at practice. No more waiting. No more thinking someone else is going to do it. No, it is up to you to step up here. This is a critical weekend to demonstrate your wares, talents energies fortitude and determination. I as General Manager is expecting to see a unit as a team and individuals to show me their unwavering commitment to win!!!


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