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Past Season's Recaps

2021-22 Season Both Eels Teams Advance to Nationals.

In the 2021-22 season both Florida Eels teams won their USPHL Florida Div Championships. Both squads finished in 1st place. 

Both teams swept their first round opponents the Atlanta Madhatters in best 2 out of 3 series. 

Both teams advanced to Nationals and made it to the Semi Final Rounds. 


The Florida Eels Premier Team Finishes Season as National Finalist Number Two in The Nation


The Division started with 62 teams and we were down to 2 at the Championship game. 2nd overall is pretty darn good! This has been a phenomenal year. As many leagues went on pause  or completely  canceled it altogether, not us at the USPHL. Our league went full forge ahead.  Not the Eels.  Think back,  3 weeks of training camp, 5 hours per day…240 regular practices… 10 covid test for each player….44 league games, the HUB City games against teams from around the USA, playoffs and for the Premier team doing phenomenal at Nationals. WOW….

The Eels Premier team were crowned Regular Season Champs for the 8th straight Season. They won the playoff division for the 7th year. They had 6 end of the Season All Stars 7 Players of the Month All Stars. 10 Players of the Week All Stars 7 players selected to theHUB City All Star Team. 

The Eels Elite team finished in 2nd place. Again a very strong season advancing 6+ players to the Premier team. They had 6 year end all stars. 6 Players of the Month All Stars 11 Players of the Week All Stars 6 HUB City All Stars

The Eels have a lot to be proud of:   

·       Three time  National Finalist

·       Multiple National Appearances

·       Multiple Divisional Titles

·       Multiple Playoff Champions 

·       Each Season Dozens of Players Selected  by the League as Players of the Week from our two teams. 

·       Each Season Dozens of  Players Selected Players of the Month amongst our two teams. 

·       Eels Players Selected as Year End All Stars

·       This season 17 games in the Hub City 

·       Each Season Two College Showcases 

·       Both the Elite and Premier advancing to the Playoffs. 

·       Our Premier Crowned both Regular Season Champions and Playoff Champions for the Florida Division.

·        Our Premier team advancing to Nationals as 1st seed in the Florida Division. 

·       Our Premier team advancing to the Semi’s at Nationals

·        Our Premier team advancing to the Finals at Nationals and how so close.

  • Numerous Players being announced committed to college 


This did not all happen by happenstance. It took extraordinary dedication and determination from our players, coaches and staff. It was disciple and unwavering commitment. We often hear and see the term Take it to the NEXT LEVEL. “We coined that phase.” We own that phase. Our organization  did that. And we were not alone. Alumni players and parents from 12+ years were burning up our phones. Calling and  our texting, pour emails and  hit Facebook Twitter and Instagram. What an amazing year. Indeed, during a Covid Pandemic which makes it even more remarkable. 

Guys think about it. There were 62 Premier teams. We went through so many to get to the distance this season. From:

  • Florida, Georgia, South  Carolina,  North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts,  Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Conneticut,  New York,  New Jersey,  Minnesota, Michign, California - you name it. 62 down to #2. 

That is where we finished National Runner Ups:  Finalist.  Not bad right! Our players are from across the  Globe:

  • Florida, New England, the Northeast, Midwest,  Rocky Mountains, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton,  Russia, Slovakia, the Ukraine, France and other parts of Europe.  


This run was not just for this year’s 2020-21 Eels Premier team. Oh no It was for the hundreds of Eels from teams of the past. Players from  Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia Russia the Ukraine, Australia England and all  across the USA and Canada. It was for every parent who had invested and believed  in their sons. It was for the 260+ players advanced to college heretofore. It was for the thousands of hours of training. It was for the 100’s of hours of unselfish volunteer hours given to the Fort Myers community during hurricane relief, food drives clothing drives and fund raising for  families and  players with Cancer  It was for the several hundred fans who come to our games week in and week out. NO, we are not like other junior programs. This is a different culture and environment. Unless you are or have been an Eels or part of our family you don’t get it. That is ok. We understand. 

 Lastly, we say thank you to all of the parents who have trusted us with your sons. We don’t take that lightly.  Thank you for your  unwavering support and believing in us and your son entrusting us to do the best for them developing them and advancing them to college. The hard reality we did not win the Nationals. No. But there are and were not any losers at Nationals nor in the playoffs for our Elite team.  Our boys be it the Premier and Elite are true Champions in every respect. The college coaches have been burning up our phones. They know our culture our inner makeup the internal fiber, fortitude and DNA of our players  - Premier and Elite.   You should be very proud of yourselves. The Scarpaci’s are very proud of each and every one of you.  God Bless the Eels our families and our Alumni. Keep them safe and healthy.   For those not aging  out we will we you Next Year. For those advancing to college make us proud.