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Owner/GM - Frank Scarpaci JR

Frank Scarpaci, Jr.

General Manager. 

Frank Scarpaci brings a unique approach to his junior hockey organization.  While sure the Eels have a team goal of winning games and keeping a winning mentality, his organizational goal is to prepare and place his athletes towards the next level.  He has advanced 210 players to college hockey. Weather or not his player’s goal is to move towards a Tier 1 Junior league, Div.1 and Div. III colleges or to obtain proper guidance and leadership while on the brisk of manhood, Scarpaci leads the way for his players.  Integrity, compete level, and character are his main ingredients for his players as well as a feel of pride when putting on the traditional Eels logo.  His credentials are unmatched in this Junior field, rich with experience and knowledge he will truly outwork any of his competitors when it comes to succeeding his player’s future.

  • Level Five USA Hockey Masters Coach
  • Coaching juniors for a decade
  • Two National appearances at the Midget Level
  • Won USA Hockey Midget Silver Medal for Midgets
  • Five State Championships
  • Five USA Hockey District Appearances
  • USA Hockey South District Festival Coach
  • Hockey Junior All Star Coach several occasions
  • HNIB Coach
  • Pro Am Sr Chowder Cup Coach
  • NHL Pre Draft Coach
  • ADVANCED 210 players to college hockey.