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Florida Eels Military Alumni

Josh Marion

Alumni Eel, Josh Marion serves our county with pride in the U.S. Army

I would like our people to see that Josh Marion has enlisted in the 
Army and doing extremely well.

Josh has been an Eel playing for Coach Scarpaci for over 5 years. Josh 
was a key player on the Eels most decorated teams, including the U16 
AAA Tier I team that went to Nationals. That team stood out heads over 
heals in the Southeast District. It won 5 straight games in winning the 
Southeast District Title in 2005. The Eels out scored their opponents 

Many boys from that National team went on to College, Prep School and 
Junior A hockey. As we are very proud of those boys, Coach Scarpaci is 
extremely proud of Josh Marion. He chose a different path to reach his 
dreams and goals. Serving our country is a great honor and as Americans 
we need to support our troops. Josh is a great kid. He has enormous 
courage and inner strength. Josh, as Eels we are always there with you 
and you are in our prayers.

Iain Guzinski

Another proud Eel off to represent our Country.

Iain Guzinski. former Eel's Junior player has joined the US Marines. Iain is the second member of the 2007-08 Eels Junior Team to join the Armed Services. We all remember, Josh Marion joined the Army last year. Josh is currently serving his tour of duty in Iraq.

Iain played 2 years for the Eels Junior team. He is 6'4" tall weighing 220 pounds and all muscle. His physical presence was well known amongst the SEJHL opponents and the many teams we played up north in the dozens of tournaments we played in New England and Michigan. Iain was a specimen for physical fitness and training. He spent at least 1 ½ hours each day at the Ft Myers Skatium fitness center.

Although Iain had several opportunities to attend colleges up north, including Daniel Webster University and Bridgewater State College, he chose to defer college while he served his country. I was not the least bit surprised when Iain announced he was going to defer his plans on attending college. He was a patriot from the words get go. He is so proud of being an American. He believes in the virtues of our great Nation, of Freedom, Independence and Democracy. He often spoke often about joining the Marines.

We all know Iain by his imposing size. But as his coach, teacher and mentor, I knew an other side of him: A kinder, softer and caring young man. He was a strong believer in god, attended church twice a week. Not too many people knew this but when others were talking about who their favorite NHL player was, Iain would often speak to me about issues of right and wrong, morality and justice… Iain was a champion of the underdog. He never liked anyone taking advantage of another person or was sensitive to the guy who stood alone or newcomers. He would be first to volunteer to help out as well. He showed absolute respect for adults and authority.

We here at the Eels are indeed extremely proud of Iain. Just like his teammates who have gone on to seek their quest in college, Iain too has sought to reach his dreams as a Marine. It is boys like Iain who sacrifice their time and lives to represent and defend the interest of the USA. We thank you Iain from the bottom of our hearts. Good Luck and God Bless