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The Program


The Florida Eels Junior program was formed to meet the needs of hockey players who wanted to further their skills in preparation for college or pro hockey. The Eels have since established itself as an excellent quality junior hockey program, with many of its players realizing success at advanced levels of play.

The Eels have 2 Tier III Junior A teams.   One team plays in the USPHL Premier Division and the second team plays in the USPHL Elite Division. Both the Premier and Elite teams continue to be amongst the top teams in their divisions. Each team performs extremely well in the regular season and in playoffs. The most important stat is that the Eels program advanced 230 players to go on to play college hockey. Indeed, this past season 2017-18 the Eels advanced 18 players. This continues to make the Eels one of the top performing programs in North America, be it Tier II and Tier III. 

 The Eels Program is all about player development. As you can see some programs say this but the Eels go beyond lip service. When you have approximately 20+ boys each year moving on to play college hockey it defines excellence. Indeed, we have over 165 alumni who have gone on to play at various levels of college hockey as well as 4 players that recently have been drafted into the NHL; Teddy Ruth, (Washington Capitals now with the Columbus Blue Jackets) RJ Boyd (Florida Panthers), Brad Peltz (Ottawa Senators) and Cam Darcy (Tampa Bay Lightning) and another 4 who were in attendance at NHL Prospects Camps: Malcolm Lyles (Florida Panthers), Cam Darcy (Ottawa Senators), Clay Witt (Tampa Bay Lightning) and Bennett Schneider (NY Islanders). The Eels also have had numerous alumni move on to the USHL, NAHL, and BCHL. Additionally the Eels have placed over 40 alumni in prestigious New England Prep schools.